Our Corporate Values

Our Corporate Values

Our work is our signature.

We take a long-term view of customer and personnel relations. 

We establish reliable and deep relationships with our Customers, Staff and Business Partners, and we never resort to cheap commercial games.

We do not set impossible goals that will make our customers and staff unhappy.

We think that a happy person will be successful and we trust people.

In our opinion;

“If there is no sense of trust within an organization and people's minds are busy getting their backs secured, the first thing that will die out is creativity...

Our Vision About Service

  • The customer is our most important reason for existence.

  • A customer is a person who is likely to gain or lose new customers.

  • The customer is the person whose needs should be determined and attention should always be paid to them.

  • After the customer sells a product or solution, he is the person who needs to be constantly served and listened to.

  • Listening to the customer and producing rational solutions to their problems are essential to make a difference, to stay ahead of the competitors, to grow and to make a profit.

  • All Customers have the right to receive quality service.

  • All Projet employees are obliged to establish good relations with the Customer and to ensure that the Customers say "Projet thinks of me, I feel safe with Projet".

  • Informing the customer on time and directing them to the right person / channel is the first condition of customer satisfaction.

  • All Customers have the right to make suggestions and complain about the products, solutions and services they use.

Our Essence is Our Word.

We do not go back from our essence or our word.

Our Vision About Customers

You can forward all your suggestions and complaints to us 

What you think and your suggestions matter for the format.

Because ;

All customers have the right to make suggestions and complaints about the products, solutions and services they use.

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