Software Developer

We are looking for new colleagues for our company, which is made up of sincere people who give importance to system and human, share winning with employees. 

You can work remotely from anywhere, anytime.  


  • Graduated from Computer Engineering, Systems Engineering and MIS faculties of universities

  • Object Oriented Programming knowledge

  • Python, JavaScript, TypeScript experience, at least you should be fluent in one of them and willing to learn others

  • Hands-on experience at least one of the following data formats; XML, JSON

  • Hands-on experience working with Restful APIs, SOAP

  • Hands-on experience working with SQL RDBMS Database like; MySQL, PostgreSQL ability to write SQL

  • Hands-on Git experience

  • Node.js experience, CommonJS module system experience, npm knowledge

  • Angular experience (Angular v2+)

  • Enough HTML/CSS(LESS or SASS) experience

  • Ability to write unit tests, knowledge of followings integration tests, automated uat tests, api tests

  • Good learner.


  • Odoo ERP development experience is a HUGE PLUS

  • Experience designing normalized database tables and using relations(one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many, polymorphic relations) is a big plus

  • Knowing what is the following terms: Design Patterns(Singleton, Facades, Observer, etc..), Data Structures(Stack, Queue, etc..)

  • Git-flow experience is a big plus

  • Experience being in a scrum team is a plus. You will be inside a really good, funny scrum environment

  • Gulp, webpack experiense is a big plus

  • No-SQL Database experience especially in MongoDB is a big plus

  • Elasticsearch full-text search experience is a big plus

  • Experience on other programming language is a big plus

  • FeatherJS or similiar node.js framework experience is a big plus

Personality Bonuses

  • Being a person with positive mood

  • Being a person who has responsibility

  • Being a person who prone to teamwork

What's Great In This Job

  • Don't do unplanned development, work with a team with a planned development schedule

  • Work on different products and solutions to develop both yourself and your teammates

  • Be a part of great solutions: ERP, CRM, MRP, HRM, CMS, E-COMMERCE, E-PAYMENT etc.

  • Very experienced, knowledgeable and strong team always support behind you

  • Always shine in an evaluation system where you can get your performance back as reward

High Vision And High Potential Business

Happy And Peaceful Working

Wonderfull Employee Rights And Facilities