Frequently Asked Questions

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No. During the 14-day trial period, you can use it without entering any credit card information, without any commitment, with unlimited registration.
Yes. Your information is protected with high security in a cloud environment automated with high technology. Your backups are automatically taken daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. You can also back up your data at any time via the "Database Management" page.
Yes. You can use it from Windows and MAC personal computers, tablets, smartphones and any device with any internet browser. All you need is an active internet connection.
After the 14-day trial period ends, you can start a paid subscription, make your payment online, and activate your subscription immediately.
Yes. You can make your online payment with your debit card, credit card or virtual card and start using it immediately.
Yes. You can choose Wire Transfer among the payment types in the subscription initiation steps, and activate your subscription by making a payment in this way.
Yes. As you grow and your business expands, so do your needs. The biggest advantage of BulutKOBI products is that you don't have to switch to another software while growing. There is a product scope suitable for businesses of all sizes. You can compare the packages and start using the top packages at any time without losing any data and paying no transition or setup fees.  click to compare all products 
You have the unconditional right to cancel rather than stop. If there is no return within 30 days after the cancellation of your package, your data will be automatically deleted.
Your data belongs to you. You can back up your data at any time via the "Database Management" page. In addition, you can export all your data in excel format at any time with the export tool on the system.
In order for you to start using it quickly and safely, BulutKOBİ products are offered to your service only with cloud technology. The main reason why the  prices of the products are very affordable is the use of all automation opportunities provided by cloud technology. domain name is automatically allocated for you. If you wish, you can also use it with your own domain name.

It is possible to export and import via Excel on all list screens. For data export templates click
In addition to dynamic reports and pivot reports, report export to Excel is available. 

Odoo has a free API infrastructure that can integrate with all systems. You can work integrated with all systems by following the instructions and methods in the API documentation. For detailed Webservice API documentation click
Yes. We follow the entire application process for your  transition to E-Invoice and other E-Transformation solutions for you, and we provide you with free support at all steps until the transition operation is completed.