Together, we are stronger 

  If you are looking for a business partnership that will last for many years, you are in the right place.
 If trust is more important than short-term gain, you're in the right place
 If you are doing your job with excitement and passion, you are in the right place.
 If you care about innovations and cutting-edge technologies, you are in the right place.


Always offer state-of-the-art
products to your portfolio


Long-term trust
is only possible with transparency


We believe in the power of empathy and the accuracy of win-win

Wide Scope

Don't say no to your customers
with a wide range of products and solutions

Out Of Box Products

With our 21 years of experience, we have
packed our products according to Turkey's needs

Flexible Products

While most come ready-made, your
customers often want customization

Apps Marketplace

Increase your power with vertical solutions
that can be added on out-of-box products


With online training courses
easily master products


Lower your support costs
with ready-made support materials

Cloud Infrastructure

You focus on your portfolio and
receive uninterrupted infrastructure services

Resource Network

Get help from the network
when you need it do a project together

Recurring Revenue

Increase your recurring revenue
as your portfolio grows with continued revenue sharing

High Value,
Low Cost

Companies that do not want to be stuck while growing up,
prefer BulutKobi Corporate Business Solutions

Join us, we are more valuable with you...